L'art est la Solution au Chaos
Quitting- for good.

Hey guys,
I’ve decided to leave the blog (again). This time I’m not gonna come back in a week haha. Unless cambria returns, this will remain and archive of info.

Much love.

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Anonymous: Do you by any chance know where I could get a cardigan similar to the one Frances has in the new candids?

Goodwill. For real. Or Salvation Army. Cardigan galore.

Anonymous: Is she gonna go coachella like she did last time?

I’m sure.

Anonymous: I though frances went UCLA but she only posted about her classes once and then all of a sudden stopped talking about it. do you think she stopped going?

She wasn’t actually enrolled but taking just a few classes. I can’t remember what the programs called. It’s not for a degree (like bachelors, associate or masters) I believe. She has a UCLA on her Facebook so who knows.

Anonymous: frances looks beautiful in the new photo's :)) she's smart her iQ is 162 for all the non believers - can't wait to see pics of her from the NIRVANA hall of fame gig

162 is what Courtney claims. We all know how truthful she can be according to frances (ie twilight).
Not doubting, but there’s actually no proof that FB even graduated HS.

Anonymous: i don't think fb has had a nose job. its just make up and angles that make her nose appear smaller; she looks good without the need for any surgery!

I think she has but it’s all just speculation :)

Anonymous: How frances is so smart

well assuming she is (cause no one actually knows her grades or intelligence) It’d be partially inherited and partially done by her. So I’d assume her background and the education she pursued is what made her  “so smart”.

Anonymous: Thank you for the glasses and bag link! Really helpful!

of course :)

Anonymous: why was she battling courtney in court, if you don't mind me asking :)

Its a long case in which google is your best friend but frances accused courtney of being an unfit mother basically.

Clashing: Frances Bean Cobain was dressed very eccentrically as she ran errands last Thursday, March 27

Taking a ride on the wild side: The 21-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love sported multiple eye-catching pieces while visiting her bank in Los Angeles

Eye-catching: The visual artist wore elaborately patterned black and white leggings, a red and yellow quilted purse, and bright pink sunglasses

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Anonymous: There has been new candids of Frances, and I was wondering if you have time if you could look where her clothes come from? particularity the sunglasses, i will submit the pictures after i ask this just incase you havent seen them yet.
Anonymous: How many surgeries did frances get , and where? :)

no idea for sure.

Her nose seems definite as do her lips. Her jaw is debated.

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New photograph of Frances Bean
Anonymous: Frances is the worst. She couldn't tweet about logan but she had time to promote Demi Moore & Bruce Willis' offspring's shitty clothing line smh

I’ve really lost any respect for her.

Anonymous: Did frances get good grades on school

no idea. her school records were sealed when she was battling Courtney in court.